Division of Marital and Non Marital Assets

Whether you are dividing a modest retirement account or determining a marital interest in a multi-million dollar corporation, the division of marital property can be one of the most contentious issues in a dissolution case.   Division of marital property can range from the division of household furniture to the division of real estate, retirement accounts, vehicles, securities and business interests.    Missouri courts are granted significant discretion in determining how marital assets and liabilities are divided.  Additionally, judges are to equitably divide marital property and debt, however, “equitable” does not necessarily mean equal.  The court can consider a variety of factors and/or conditions in determining an equitable distribution.    

A determination also needs to be made as to whether an item or interest is marital or non-marital.  The determination of marital vs. non-marital property can be very complicated and require an accounting of how funds were used during the marriage.  

The Law Offices of Mary Ann Weems has extensive experience in the division of modest estates as well as more complicated estates, resulting from high net worth dissolutions.   If necessary, our attorneys can interact with other processionals such as CPAs, forensic accountants and real estate experts to ensure that your property interests are well protected.

If you have any questions concerning the division of marital and non marital assets and/or liabilities, please contact the Law Offices of Mary Ann Weems to discuss your options.

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